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Ecology Group reporting on 2013

The ecology team have been very busy this year and have had to battle the bad weather not only in the winter but also in the spring. But July seemed to be make up for it!

The three main areas we have been working on are holes 3; 13 and 18. You will have noticed the tree and shrub planting behind the third green which was obviously to help block the view of the Metro bridge. We have included three evergreen oaks which we hope will help during the winter period.

The Metro planned to plant along the fence line with an agreed list of trees and shrubs. This should have happened last winter but has now been put back till this winter. The initial growth of the planting we have just done seems to be good considering the weather, with a low failure rate.

The next project the ecology team has been working on is the thirteenth hole. The challenge was to get anything to grow in this area as it is solid clay, facing east, shaded by the conifers and continually wet from water running down from the field above. Many shrubs, trees and bulbs were planted but the failure rate has been very high. A section of specially chosen wild flower and grass seeds were sown along the upper level but the wild flowers failed to appear and the grasses were on steroids. This area is going to be a work in progress for some years.

The back of the eighteenth hole has been planted with shrubs trees and bulbs which have all taken well with the exception of the Yews which have all failed. We believe that with a few years growth this area will be a pleasant site as you walk up to the last green.

We have also planted Gorse, Guelder roses and daffodils in various areas of the course, in fact in total this year we have planted 324 Shrubs and trees along with 2000 daffodil bulbs.

Our aim is to help make Sale Golf Club a pleasant place to play golf while having a positive effect on the ecology of the course.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, comments or questions then please contact a member of the team. You could also join us!

Enjoy the view!

The Ecology Team.


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