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Greens Update following the visit of STRI our Professional Advisers

We have already received the report from STRI following the visit last Monday of Stuart Ormonroyd ( Head of Turfgrass Agronomy ).

In brief

He agreed that the greens were unacceptable in their then present condition but that they could be improved rapidly if we follow the advice which is contained in their report.

That STRI strongly approved the programme of work already carried out by the Course Manager to improve the greens over time and that everything is fundamentally in place to improve the greens over time, without detriment to normal play.

That a recommended course of action will commence immediately following the advice given to the Course Manager and Green Chairman which will allow us to rapidly improve the playability of the greens.

Also that STRI are satisfied that the 1st and 4th are well placed to improve and specific advice was provided for their continuing treatment. The actions recommended for these greens being the quickest and most effective way of returning them into regular use.

The attached report is unquestionably a very comprehensive review of our programme of works on the greens and it gives the prospect of positive improvements in the short, medium and long term, whilst at the same time explaining what in particular led to the surprising decline in standard during late May and June.

I hope you will find the report useful and that it will provide a far greater understanding of how complex it is to grow the right grass with the right growth on all of our eighteen greens ( plus three putting greens ).

If you have questions I am sure that either the Green Chairman, The Captain or myself will with the assisitance of our Course Manager try to provide the answers.

A hard copy of the report is posted on the Greens notice board and a further copy is in the file in the hallway

ATTACHMENT: STRI Report Sale Golf Club 030708.pdf


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