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Plans afoot to control the Geese

Even the Queen has them in her back garden !

Even the Queen has them in her back garden !

Canadian Geese are ’’a pain in the backside”; wheels are in motion to try and eradicate them.

However I must tell you a little story, no I’m not pretending to be a Max Bygraves, this is true.

Back in the school summer holidays two of our Junior members came across an injured one on the 5th fairway - they didn’t think twice about it, they wrapped the bird in a set of their own waterproofs and carried it all the way back to the clubhouse, where it was collected by the RSPB.

My personal thanks go to Stephen Egan and Michael Handford for their humane efforts.

” Bless their little cotton socks.”

No we never did find out if it survived.

Barry Weston
Green Chairman


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