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Mersey League 2008

Another Mersey League team year flown by and an eventful one at that.

After a mediocre start to the season, when our teams seemed unable to take home advantage of the specialist condition of Sale’s greens, with two fixtures to go we were lying in joint second spot (or equally next to last) depending on whether you believe the cup is half full or half empty, with Chorlton and Withington.

After an excellent result in the penultimate match with Withington we needed to achieve at least a win and a draw (three points) in the first and second team matches with Chorlton. This was achieved in style the first winning three and a half to two and a half at Chorlton and the second triumphing five and a half matches to a half.

Thus for the year 2008 we are runners up in the Mersey League. Our congratulations to all who took part. This was often by turning out in the higher scratch team or at short notice. In the case of one un-named (Peter Bradford) player having been twice told he wasn’t needed. Good job we’ve no prima donnas playing for us.

Who knows if we don’t lose too many first teamers and with the newly eligible juniors we might in 2009 succeed in beating this years winners Didsbury.

My thanks to all those who enjoyed the matches and made the task of organising the teams so enjoyable, I won't tempt fate by saying easy. My particular thanks to Steve Hall for his help although I understand my position is not under threat.

Finally there must be one specific tale worth telling.

Sebe (or should it be Seve) Ranshi playing his first game for the first team drove the eighteenth green, sank the put for an eagle two to win their game and the match and the runners up spot.

How’s that for a Roy of the Rovers’ debut.

PS I happened to tell the Captain Elect I used to drive that green regularly when I was a Chorlton member. Wasn’t too impressed with his response that those mighty oaks were but saplings 50 years ago!!!


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