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STRI visit to review progress on repairing the greens

1st Green in March 2007

1st Green in March 2007

STRI ( SportsTurf Research Institute ) were asked to make a special visit in February to inspect the work we had carried out to the 1st and 4th greens and to make further recommendations.

There can often be problems in developing compatibility and consistency between imported turf and surrounding mature turf during the early years after new turf has been laid. The new turf remains visible to the slight difference in sward composition. Also the young age of the turf means that it is prone to thinning out under conditions of close mowing and play.

We informed the Agronomist of our options:
1 Reconstruction
2 Returfing
3 Avoid further disturbance to the green and continue with appropriate maintenance.

The advice given was

“I strongly recommend that the club implement option 3.

The turf on the 1st green is doing well and already providing a reasonable match with the remainder of the green. The turf appears to be coping well with heights of cut and playing levels and has retained good turf density and colour.
The condition of the 4th green is notably weaker. Sward density is much thinner in particular through the front section. The difference between the performance of the turf on the 2 greens is due to the small size of the 4th green. This green is only 275 square metres as compared to a typical green of 500-600 square metres. The concentration of play is also exacerbated by the narrow walk on/off route which has placed even greater stress on the turf at the front.
Any form of reconstruction would be costly and render the green out of play for the 2008 and 2009 season. Green reconstruction projects should be started in the late summer/early autumn period. Re-turfing again would set the green back another 12 months and it is likely that the current situation would be faced again.
Rest the green and keep out of play as much as possible over the coming months, over seeding every 4-5 weeks, use liquid fertilisers, and back up with use of a good quality iron and seaweed product on a regular basis to minimise visual colour differences between the areas.”

The situation will be re-assessed on STRI’s next visit in April.

Barry Weston
Greens Chairman


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