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Seniors Golf Association Tournaments 2013

Message from Peter Smith to all Seniors from The Seniors Golf Association

It's March and time to think about golf. And with this weather, thinking about it is the only thing to do - I've only had the clubs out once this year and that was to gaze longingly at them one damp, dark day. I did suggest to the Good Lady that it might be an appropriate time for her to polish them. I won't give her full response verbatim but I think I can summarise her response as being somewhat negative. And would have involved me in surgery. Ah well, if you don't ask . . . !

But the weather will improve, the financial crisis will pass, banks will treat us like valued customers and the trains will run on time - despite them putting up the prices by 20% in the interests of "better customer service."

So it's time to remind you that entries are only open for another four weeks for our fantastic tournaments again this year.

The Seniors Club Classic and the National Seniors Pairs Championship are on track for another successful year of great golf. If you haven't already entered - and a lot of players have - now's the time to not just think about it - but enter.

An email is all I need to register you and put your name in the first round draw. And then we shall meet at the Finals in early October - though not the other people I have sent this to, of course. All the details are on our website as always:



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