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19 Things You Can Do on a Golf Course without Penalty

Here's something for the weekend, to maybe test your playing
partners in the bar or out on the course.

Maybe print it out and ask how many of these are true?

In fact they all are, but I bet some of them will surprise you!

Please read on ....

These are courtesy of my mate Barry Rhodes of the 'Rhodes
Rules School' and you can find out more at http://www.barryrhodes.com/

The R&A should make a rule that instructs all golfers to improve
their games by taking on board everything Barry has to say!

So here goes ...

1. Have a flagstick attended even when your ball is in a bunker, or on
the apron of the green - Rule 17-1.

2. Look into someone's golf bag to identify which club they are using
for their stroke - Decision 8-1/10.

3. Use the back, or the toe, of the clubhead to strike the ball
- Decision 14-1/1.

4. Ask anyone the distance from any point A to any point B
- Definition of Advice.

5. Ground your club on a bridge situated in a water hazard
- Decision 13-4/30.

6. Lay a club, or clubs, in a bunker before you make a stroke at
your ball lying in that bunker - Exception 1(b) to Rule 13-4.

7. Wrap a towel or handkerchief around the grip to assist in gripping
your club on a wet day - Rule 14-3c.

8. Replace your ball where it was, under penalty of one stroke, when
you have just putted past the hole and into a bunker - Rule 27-1a.

9. Use the toe of your putter to mark your ball - Decision 20-1/16
(But don't do it!).

10. Take free relief from material piled for removal and holes made by a
greenkeeper, even if not so marked - Definition of GUR.

11. Make a putt with one hand while holding the flagstick with the
other - Decision 17-1/5.

12. Put another ball in play without attempting to search for the original
ball - Rule 27-1.

13. Deem your ball unplayable in any circumstance, anywhere on the
course other than in a water hazard - Rule 28.

14. Play a ball out of ground under repair (unless there is a Local Rule
that says that you must take relief) - Rule 25-1b.

15. Explain a Rule to a fellow competitor to stop him incurring a penalty
- Definition of Advice.

16. Move anything artificial if it can be moved without unreasonable effort,
without unduly delaying play and without causing damage - Definition of Obstruction.

17. Clean a ball by rubbing it on the putting green - Decision 16-1d/5.

18. Hold an umbrella over your head as you make a stroke - Decision 14-2/2.

19. Draw a ring around the circumference of your golf ball and then use it
to line up your tee shot or putts. Rule 12-2.


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