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Ready Golf - Our chance to please everyone by speeding up play

What do you understand by 'Ready Golf' ?

Play when you are ready ? NO

It's quite different from that. More about getting yourself in position to play as soon as it is your turn.

In Summary

Ready Golf means BEING READY to play, not playing when you're ready. Here are some simple rules.

1.Walk to your ball as soon as possible, so that you can choose your club and think about the shot in ADVANCE, not when it is your turn.

2.When driving a cart, drop off your partner first, let your partner choose his or her club, and then drive to your own ball to get READY to play.

3.When a ball is lost, hit your shot FIRST and then help look for the lost ball.

4.Walk down the SIDES of the fairway to reach your ball and then APPROACH it from the centre. NEVER play in a caravan, moving in a group from ball to ball..

5.When on the Green, line up your putt BEFORE it is your turn, and putt out immediately instead of marking, if you are not in someone else's line.

Click below to download the comprehensive version

ATTACHMENT: The Rules of Ready Golf.pdf


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